Mystery Lucky/ Grab Bag + BNHA Pouch!


All items inside will be random. The mystery bag may include:

  • Charms (keychains)
  • Pinback Buttons
  • Stickers (2pc)
  • Bookmarks
  • Washi Tape
  • Lanyard


- Each mystery bag will contain 6-8 items.

- One BNHA "seconds" pouch.

- There will be no repeats in the bag.

- No returns on mystery bags if you do not like the random assortment you received. 


- If you ordered from me before / bought from me at a convention and do not want the chance of a repeat: please leave a message at check out telling me which item(s) you have already. I will try my best to not include those items!  *If you message me after you receive a tracking notice, it is too late. 



Please note: Some items included will be considered "seconds." 

Almost all of the charms for the lucky bags are considered "seconds."

*BNHA Pouch is considered "seconds" because the image is slightly misaligned when it was printed. Everything else about the pouch is in good condition.


Seconds Info:

Seconds have minor scuffing or other imperfections. It's not very noticeable unless you look closely and analyze the item.  



LIMITED Quantity: I have some items that I consider "thirds" meaning a slightly more noticeable imperfection on the item. While supplies last, I will include one "thirds" item on top of the 6-8 items you'll recieve.

The only exception is that this item might be a repeat.  I will note it on the packaging if this is the bonus item.

Mystery Lucky Bag! - Random Merch + BNHA Pouch