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Shipping Information

General Shipping FAQ

This store ships from California, USA.

Where do you ship?
-In the US and International.


When will my item ship?

-Because I attend several conventions throughout the year, I can only open my shop when I have the time. If I do not specify the order shipping date in an announcement, all orders will be shipped between 7-10 business* days. **I will be taking preventative measures against COVID-19 by limiting my visits to the post office. When your order is shipped out, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Thank you!!

*Please note business days do not include convention days, weekends, or holidays. My convention schedule can be found under the Contact Me page.

How long does it take to get my item after you put it in the mail?
-Domestic: 3-5 business days depending on USPS. **Due to COVID-19, domestic delivery can take as long as 1 month to be delivered. Please be patient if your order is delayed during transit. Thank you!

-International shipping can vary between 2-12 weeks. If your order takes longer than 6 weeks internationally, please contact us. **Due to COVID-19, international mail has been severely delayed. Shipments can take as long as 2-3 months to be delivered, even to Canada. Every package will have tracking. Many mail processing centers are very backed-up so this is out of my hands when I hand your order to the post office. Please be patient if your order is delayed during transit. Thank you!


- We do not ship on weekends or during US holidays. If an order is made during a holiday season (in the US or in your country), it make take longer for your package to be delivered to you.


-Upon request, faster shipping options are available (Priority and Express.) These shipping options are more expensive and will have extra fees. Please contact us if you would like faster shipping.


My address is incorrect / my package is going to the wrong place! (ie: Address issues):
-Please make sure you put the correct address on your order. If the address is incorrect, please contact us ASAP. Any packages sent to the wrong address and/or returned to sender is not our responsibility. If the item is returned back to us and you still want the item(s), you will be asked to pay the postage fees again.
-We cannot re-send merchandise if your order is lost due to an incorrect address you had provided.

Does my package come with tracking?
-Yes, tracking information is available through USPS.

Can I get Insurance for my package?
-If you would like to buy insurance for your first class package, please contact us. First Class packages do not come with insurance and will cost extra.
-Priority and Express have insurance included depending on which option you choose.

-All international shipments come with insurance.


For more information about USPS insurance fees, please see the USPS website:

I was charged a different and higher shipping rate vs the quote I received on the check out page!

- If your quoted shipping cost was lower than the shipping cost you were charged, please contact me. USPS runs a "real-time" calculation on all orders, but very very very rarely during check out, USPS is not able to  determine the shipping cost. When this happens, the back up shipping rate is charged instead. If this is the case, I will refund you the excess shipping cost. Thank you for your patience.

Due to COVID-19, processing and delivery times are affected and all shipments will take longer to reach its destination.

Please contact me if you have any further questions!

**USPS has temporarily stopped shipping to certain countries due to lack of transportation. 

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you already placed an order, I will hold your package until USPS starts shipping to your country again.

International Orders 

Please note: Canada is considered international since I am based in the US. All packages will go through Canadian customs!!


This fee is too expensive!! Can you send the item in an envelope?
-We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to offer a lower price on international shipping fees. The rates are given to us from USPS. We will not put any item in an envelope as the contents may have a higher chance to become damaged or missing upon arrival.

-Additionally, all items (that are not paper and flat) must be declared on a custom form so it doesn't make a difference cost wise if the items are sent by an envelope or small packet.

-Shipping fees depend where you live and so international rates are varied. We may contact the buyer in case the rates are much higher than expected. If the shipping fee is higher than what you paid for, we will ask the buyer to pay the remaining cost via PayPal.

-The cost of international shipping is up to USPS. We understand it is expensive, but this is out of our control. We will give a full refund of purchase if the buyer does not want to cover the remaining shipping fees OR if the buyer does not reply within 1.5weeks to confirm payment of remainder shipping fees.


I have to pay a customs fee?

-All orders shipped outside the US can be subject to customs fees by your government. The customs fee is separate from the shipping fees you have paid. The customs fee is an additional fee the buyer is responsible to pay to the government. Please check your country's laws and customs fee policies if you are unsure of the potential additional costs. We do not have any control over these fees and it is out of our hands. It is illegal to declare any merchandise sent out of the country as "Gift" on customs forms.

-If we receive the item back because you failed to pay the customs fee, you have the option to receive a refund on the items (not including any fees + shipping fees) or pay the shipping fee again to do a second delivery attempt.

Return & Exchange Policy

All sales are final.


If your item is damaged upon arrival*, or you've received the wrong item, please take a photo of the packaging and item(s) and email it to us at All returns and exchanges will be dealt with on a case by case basis. You have 14 days to contact us to return an order after receiving it.
*We are not responsible for damages caused by the post office. If you feel that your item has arrived damaged due to our own error and not that of the post, please contact us and we can work it out. If your mail courier is responsible for the damage, please contact your local post office. If you choose Priority or Express mail, you can claim the insurance to your local post office to cover the damages.


If an order is returned by the buyer, we will refund the price that the buyer had paid for the returned products, excluding any shipping or handling costs. We will pay the amount to be refunded within 30 days of the return notification. We will however delay the payment until we have received the returned products or proof that they have been sent to us (certificate of delivery).

If a returned item is shipped internationally, mark as "RETURNED GOODS" to avoid any Customs charges. We are not responsible for any charges imposed on packages returned by Customs. If the product or packaging is used or damaged, we reserve the right to deduct any depreciation in value when refunding the product.

Please note that exceptions may apply for the return of certain custom-made, hygienic and other products. 

By accepting these General Conditions, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or have your legal guardian’s permission and that you will comply with the General Conditions.


SpicyTunaa reserves the right to amend any information without prior notice.

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