UK Customers

Does your store ship to the UK?
- No, I will not be shipping to the UK due to the new VAT policy beginning on 1/1/2021.


Is there any way I can buy from you?

- Yes! I will be setting up an etsy store so that UK customers can buy from me.
*I am currently setting up the store. I will post the link here when it is open.


There are items I want but it is not listed in your etsy!
- I don't intend to list my full inventory on etsy. If you see something in-stock on my personal storefront and you would like to purchase it, please contact me on etsy. I will create a private listing for you. 

Some items are more expensive on etsy vs your personal storefront!
- Etsy charges a lot high fees and so unfortunately some items will have higher markups to make up for the costs.
I will try to match prices as much as I can, but I will not be able to do it with all items I have to offer. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

I will update this page with more information once my etsy is set up and I learn more about the platform.
Thanks for your patience!