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Pin Grading Scale

Please note:

  • Every seller grades their pins on a different scale. 

  • Every enamel pin is made by hand.

  • All pins are randomly selected. Individual pins photos will not be taken / shown. 

  • Colors may vary from batch to batch.

  • Pin grading does not include the metal surface backside of the pin.

  • I do not offer perfect or collector grade pins. 

Standard Pins (A Grade) - Best grade / highest quality pin offered. May have small imperfections

All imperfections below are only visible if looked upon very closely or viewing the pin under specific lights and angles.

  • minor scruffs/ scratches on enamel or metal 

  • specks, dots, or bubble on the enamel

  • bubble holes (tiny pores) or faint dust in enamel

  • slightly low or uneven fills

  • backside surface is not considered in the grading (I do grade if the post is wiggly)

  • specks of stray glitter

  • pins with screenprinting may have slightly misaligned screenprinting (or screenprinting may be on the metal)

Seconds Pins (B Grade) - Pins may have one or more imperfections 

  • very noticeable staining on the enamel or metal surface

  • deep scratches on the enamel or metal surface 

  • slightly loose posts (backings)

  • lower fills that is more noticeable 

  • bubble holes (pores) in the enamel that is very noticeable even when looking from a regular angle and not angling it under certain lights.

C Grade Pins - Pins that exhibit with heavy imperfections and flaws.

  • Missing enamel filling

  • very messy enamel filling

  • incredibly noticeable deep scratches on enamel or metal surface that makes

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